Situated on the Gove Peninsula, in Eastern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory

Travel 900 km east of Darwin along a red dirt gravel road through north-eastern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, and you’ll arrive at Yirrkala – a community we’ve been proudly working with since 2013.

The Yolŋu people inhabit Yirrkala, and this part of the world is the heartland of Aboriginal culture and land rights.

Did you know that Yolŋu youth culture is among the oldest living cultures on earth, going back over 40,000 years? That’s pretty impressive, and we have so much to learn from this incredible culture!

We support quality education projects across the world, and it’s no different in Yirrkala where we partner with Yolŋu organisations who lead with the 40,000 year culture at the forefront of all that they do. Why? Because research has shown that increasing a person’s connection to culture, self-worth and identity have a direct link to better educational outcomes for Yolŋu youth.

So who are our friends that we partner with in Yirrkala?

Yirrkala School – the hub of bi-lingual education in the community

One of the last remaining bilingual schools in Australia that supports learning in Yolŋu Matha (the Yolŋu language) and educational pathways.

Some of the projects we support include: music and creative workshops with secondary students, cultural workshops and teacher training.

The Mulka Project – education through forms of art and history

A creative community hub that brings together youth, mentors and elders. We support them to maintain their historical and cultural footage archives.

Mulka Project also run creative workshops in partnership with Yirrkala School such as: play-based learning, animation and music workshops.

Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation’s Learning On Country Workshops – education through connection to country

A fun, educational and culturally-rich program geared at secondary Yolŋu students, as part of their senior curriculum.

Learning on Country workshops or ‘Galtha Rom’ workshops, take place on country and deepen the connection between young Yolŋu people, culture and knowledge passed on by elders.

Yirrkala Homelands School – delivering quality education to remote communities

Providing educational and career pathways to isolated communities, with limited resources beyond the township of Yirrkala.


Contributed to new stage through The Mulka Project


Music Workshops funded


First Learning On Country Workshop funded


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