November 2017

Located in the Rakai District

Nseese is a small Outreach Village, located 10 minutes from Mannya. When we first arrived at Nseese, classes were being held under a mango tree. Rain, hail or shine, children would be huddled under the tree and there would be one teacher teaching many students and every age. There was no source of clean water at the site and no administration buildings for teachers to prepare for classes. Despite this, there was a sense of hope shared between students, teachers and the wider community and importantly there was a real passion for education.

Now, Nseese has a total of 11 classrooms and is a thriving hub for the community and the students. The mango tree still stands and choir practice is held there regularly.

The new classrooms are so much more than just classrooms; they’re inspiring environments that create innovative thinking and encourage playful learning. They are fully furnished, kitted out with reading and literacy materials and the teachers now have administration offices and staff rooms.

Project Includes:

  • 500 Educational places
  • One 260,000L Water tank
  • Playground
  • Biogas toilets and kitchen


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