November 2017

Located approximately 14kms from Mannya central village

Kyalulangira (pronounced ‘char – lang – u – la’) is a happy place, full of smiling children learning, playing and often singing. Accounting for 500 educational places, it was the first of our Outreach Schools and was also the first school to be built in line with the new architectural model. It was so successful that all future Cotton On Foundation schools in Uganda will be built to the same model.

Ducere Creative Writing Classes

In 2017 we partnered with the Ducere Foundation to deliver inspiring creative writing master classes to teachers and students in Southern Uganda. The Ducere Foundation is an organisation that works with local governments and other Foundations with the desire to improve the quality of public education right across Africa.

The program focused specifically on developing the creative writing skills of teachers from Primary 6-7, Senior 1-2, as well as groups of students from each year level.

Project Includes:

  • 500 Educational places
  • Biogas toilets and kitchen
  • Basketball court and playground
  • One 260,000L water tank
  • World e-Reader distribution and teacher training


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