September 2017

Located in the Lwengo District

Busibo was the second central village that the Cotton On Foundation partnered with in Southern Uganda back in 2010. Over the last seven years we’ve established a strong bond with the community by: building a healthcare centre in 2012, redeveloping parts of the kinder, primary and secondary school. We’ve done so with the mission to fully restore and fit out each building, to ensure that all students have access to quality education.

The future looks bright for Busibo with a plan to increase the number of educational places at Busibo Secondary to 1000 and refurbish the Kinder for 300 children.

Nutrition Mission

Nutrition Mission is an educational program that empowers the local community to create healthy and sustainable futures. The six to eight week program covers topics like diet, nutrition and the impact of malnutrition through hands-on cooking and food preparation classes. At first the program seemed to only attract women, however, as the program becomes more popular within the community, a number of men have began attending too.

At the end of the course, participants leave feeling empowered, often going on to teach fellow community members the skills they’ve picked up, including how to grow and maintain their own vegetable gardens.

Ducere Creative Writing Classes

In 2017 we partnered with the Ducere Foundation to deliver inspiring creative writing master classes to teachers and students in Southern Uganda. The Ducere Foundation is an organisation that works with local governments and other Foundations with the desire to improve the quality of public education right across Africa.

The program focused specifically on developing the creative writing skills of teachers from Primary 6-7, Senior 1-2, as well as groups of students from each year level.

Project to date includes:

  • Healthcare Centre


Began partnership with Busibo, started work on the Busibo PS & Busibo SS


Busibo Health Centre opened


Nutrition Mission Launched in Busibo


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