“I think humans forget their power. A small group of people starting a movement that grows is all that has ever changed anything.” – Jayden Klinac.

If you hadn’t already heard, we’ve officially replaced our iconic, life-changing water bottle in Cotton On Group stores in New Zealand with a non-plastic, plant-based solution, in partnership with our friends at For The Better Good.

The impact is still the same, but now it can be returned to the planet through compost!

We sat down with Founder and Director Jayden, to find out what drives him, why he wanted to partner with us and how he got into this business in the first place.

When asked about the beginning, Jayden explained, “My main reason for starting was just pure frustration. There are better ways to do things and I think consumers truly want to do good. But there was no one taking these leaps and providing people with the option to make better choices. We just thought ‘we know we can do better so why don’t we just do that’.”

Jayden and his team had always wanted to do more, and loved the idea of their product being able to help people around the world, as well as the environment. But they knew that if they were to succeed, needed to focus on one thing, instead of doing too much.

“We [For the Better Good] were doing our bit environmentally, and we didn’t have room for the social justice side. The Cotton On Foundation were doing well socially but wanted to work on sustainability. It’s great that we’ve been able to find each other and bring it all together. It’s pretty special.”

Being able to visit Uganda and the Cotton On Foundation’s projects this year brought it all home for Jayden, as he began to see the synergies between the two organisations.

“I felt it as soon as I got there and saw the kids, and the schools. It’s just the impact being had that brought it all home. It was like ‘wow this is something we want to be a part of’.”

“It’s that idea that most people want to be able to help other people. Being able to give someone who’s in Melbourne the opportunity to make a difference to the life of a kid who’s in Uganda is so special. It’s all about building that bridge. It’s like us when we plant trees. Everyone wants to be able to plant a tree. And if you can do that on your way to work as opposed  to buying a bottle of water that depletes the environment – why not do that?”

“Together we just want to make these things, that are natural in our nature to do, more accessible. It just makes sense.”

So what are the next steps?

For Jayden, it’s all about changing attitudes by creating awareness: “We need to let people know what we’re doing. A lot of people can go out and mindlessly buy a product like ours, which is still great. But I love that we’re telling them why. The simple act of them knowing what that bottle does and how powerful it is, sparks a reaction in people’s minds that can change their life.”

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