2018 is the year for big things. And for two individuals, this week marked one of the biggest moves they’ll ever make.

Nick Wyatt and Dayna White have just this week arrived in Southern Uganda, where they will stay and work as part of the Cotton On Foundation team on the ground for both six and twelve months.

Both previously based in Victoria, neither Nick or Dayna have visited Uganda before. Nick who is taking on the role as Content Coordinator and Dayna as Human Resource Business Partner both have areas of expertise that will be invaluable for both our teams on the ground and at our Head Office in Australia.

Coming from a background in television and film, new Cotton On Foundation Content Coordinator Nick is pretty familiar with a camera.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to take on a role where I will be moving to Uganda for the next six months as a content collector. I will be creating video and photography content of the Cotton On Foundation’s projects throughout Uganda and South Africa.”

“I started acting when I was in early high school and  when I got my first job, I got along with the camera crew really well and realised I preferred being behind the camera. I began working on various documentaries in the UK after leaving film school. I’ve always enjoyed scripted drama and I was lucky enough to work as camera assistance on some bigger budget TV shows in London. I’ve also produced a number of corporate videos for various companies.”

“It’s an amazing experience to travel to a part of the world I may never have seen if it wasn’t for this opportunity. I always enjoy staying in places for a long period of time to gain a full understanding of the culture. The fact that I’m based in Uganda for six months means that I’ll be able to gain a real appreciation for the community. This is something I really hope I can capture on camera to show the world the work Foundation has put in.”

Dayna who has transitioned from HR in Cotton On Body told us that her “decision to accept the role with Cotton On Body was in part motivated by the work of the Cotton On Foundation. In 2014 I studied a post graduate degree in Social Impact and chose to write an essay about the work of Cotton On Foundation. When I saw the HR role in Uganda advertised late last year it felt like all the stars aligned and I responded instantly.”

Dayna is taking on the role as HR Business Partner for 12 months. Based in Masaka, she will be a key team member and support in driving a true Cotton On Group culture and values. Dayna will be working alongside Cotton On Foundation Managers in the Uganda team and ensuring the Masaka office is re-launched as a true Global hub for the Cotton On Group.

“The thing that has always helped to keep things fresh in my career as an HR professional is a change of industry or a change of location – this role gives me both. On a personal level, I’m always up for an adventure and the opportunity to experience new parts of the world and new cultures was hard to resist!”

We can’t wait to see what Nick and Dayna create on the ground!



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