You probably hear us say that we’re on a mission to establish 20,000 quality educational places by 2020 a lot right? But have you wondered how we’re actually tracking?

Well don’t worry, because we’re here to break it down for you…

Since inception, the Cotton On Foundation has established 9,100 quality educational places.

(If you need a re-fresher on what an educational place is, check this out)

So far, we’ve established educational places across:

  • Mannya Primary School (1,000 places)
  • Mannya Secondary School (1,000 places)
  • Busibo Primary School (1,000 places)
  • Busibo Secondary School (500 places)
  • Nabbunga Primary School (500 places)
  • Nseese Primary School (500 places)
  • Kensekka Primary School (500 places)
  • Kasomolo Primary School (500 places)
  • Kyalulangira Primary School (500 places)
  • Kalyamenvu Primary School (500 places)
  • Kyampalakata Primary School (500 places)
  • Kamunuku Primary School (500 places)
  • Mannya Kindergarten (300 places)
  • Mbazzi Primary and Secondary Schools (1,200 places in partnership with School For Life)
  • Phitsanulok Education Centre, Thailand (100 places)

In Thailand the Cotton On Foundation have established 100 quality educational places at Phitsanulok Education Centre, supporting the hill tribe communities of Northern Thailand. We partnered with Operation Hope Foundation to build the centre in 2016 and went on to fund five teachers to run English language based curriculum to Primary and Secondary aged children.

So, are we going to make it to 20,000 quality educational places by the year 2020?

Through the sale of everyday products across over 1,500 stores globally we are well on track to achieve our goal. The Quality Education model has gone from strength to strength and our infrastructure plan is exactly where we want it to be when it comes to building schools in Uganda. Our retail teams globally are more passionate than ever, which is evident in the results. We’re gaining momentum as we strive towards the year 2020.

Over the next few years, we plan to have established another 7,000 places across schools in Southern Uganda, almost 3,500 places in South Africa and almost 1,500 places across the Asian region.

Watch this space! Because the best is yet to come.


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