Exciting news! Cotton On Foundation have officially broken ground on the build at three brand new Primary Schools in incredible communities in Southern Uganda!

Kyaterekera, Ntebbe Za Dungu and Bunjakko together will accommodate for around 1,500 eager students.

In many areas of Southern Uganda, a school really is the heart of the community. It is a safe and exciting place for students to go, for kids to just be kids! Like everywhere, a school in Uganda can represent a place to escape the pressures of the outside world – which is why it is so important that these places are inspiring, fun, safe and can accommodate to the needs of the community.

Each of the three new schools will follow our new Outreach school infrastructure model (like Kensekka or Kasomolo) with a few new minor updates. The schools will boast 10 fully functioning classrooms, brand new kitchens for school meals fueled by bio-gas toilets, water tanks to provide clean drinking water, teacher accommodation, play facilities, landscaping and more.

It may seem like we just have schools popping up all over the place, but trust us, there is a plan…

To sum it up simply, part of Cotton On Foundation’s model is to create a web of schools and educational opportunities across communities in close proximity, in order to create real and sustainable change. We want to ensure that we are not supporting schools in silos, and instead looking at how these schools can support one another, building a network of open communication and multiple opportunities.

And to break it down for you, in Uganda we partner with three central schools (Mannya, Busibo and Namabaale). These schools have a healthcare centre, along with kindergarten, primary and secondary schooling. In areas surrounding these central villages, are outreach schools. The schools create a web of quality education facilities in the Rakai and Lwengo districts of Southern Uganda. One of the major benefits of this is that the students don’t have to walk from one community to another to get to school until they reach secondary school… Because that can be tricky due to the distance between villages.

The best part?

All three school builds officially began in June this year and once complete, will become key Outreach Schools in the area, bringing quality education and the prospects of a brighter future to the kids who need it most.

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