Uganda is a bicycle country. The roads in every town and village are filled with people walking or cycling.

However, owning a bicycle for some is considered a luxury, and for students whose homes are located an extensive distance from where they attend school, having a push bike to ride each day would make life that much easier! Imagine walking 16 kilometres a day to get to school, each way taking up to two hours. Sounds tough right?

For Rogers, this was a reality.

Rogers is a 15 year old from Kyawanyana village in the Rakai district of Southern Uganda. He attended primary school at St. Kizito in Kasomolo, the closest school to his home. However, attending school became extremely difficult due to not only his family situation, but because of the massive 16 kilometres he was required to walk each way from home to the closest secondary school in Mannya. For a young person, this can be both exhausting and time consuming. At the beginning of 2017, Rogers was unable to attend school for a term.

With the support of a generous donation from a Cotton On Group team member, four push bikes were donated to children in need, with Rogers being one of the recipients. For Rogers, his life has changed, now that he is now able to attend school again.

Like this team member, you can be that someone- that someone who is able to change a life by providing a student in need with a bicycle to ride to and from school. And it is as simple as a pin!

But how you ask?

This Christmas, priced at $100, our Gifts that Count- Bicycle Pin is the perfect gift! Not only are you giving a beautifully designed enamel pin to your big hearted friend or family member, but you are giving a student in Cotton On Foundation supported communities the gift of a bicycle.

To take part in this incredible initiative, check out the wheely-good bicycle pin online here

For all of the important info on our Gifts that Count enamel pins, check them out here





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