What are The 4 K’s?

The 4 K’s represent the four villages in which we started building four new schools back in February and coincidentally they all begin with K!

  1. Kyampalakata
  2. Kensekka
  3. Kalyamenvu
  4. Kasomolo.

These four new schools are a vital step in reaching our goal of creating 20,000 quality educational places by 2020. Each school will create 500 educational places, that’s 2000 additional places in total, which we’re sure you would have worked out for yourselves!

To bring you up to speed on our school game-plan; ordinarily we will create (with the help of the community of course) two types of schools; Central Schools and Outreach Schools. Central schools will be in a village that also include a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school and are the educational hubs for the area. They will also include a Health Care Centre, because you can’t go to school if you’re not healthy!

An Outreach Schools is a primary school and will normally accommodate 500 students from villages within the same region as the Central Schools. Basically this means that the students don’t have to walk from one community to another to get to school… Because that can be tricky due to the distance between villages.

Back to the 4 K’s… Initially we were going to adapt the same rollout model for these schools too but after a few trips over and engaging with the communities, we realised that these villages required a more tailored approach. Why? Because, it would enable us to reach more children and deliver to them the quality education they deserve. It was also a matter of distance (Uganda is big… Just sayin’) these schools will be closer to the homes of the students who will be enrolled. In a nutshell, we needed to strengthen the web of smaller primary schools surrounding the bigger central villages – and so the 4 K project was born.

Once complete, the 4 K’s will join Kyalulangira, Nabbunga, Kamununku and Nsesse in our list of Outreach Schools and they will be vital in empowering youth through quality education.

Stay tuned for more updates on The 4 K’s!


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