The Nutrition Mission program is very close to our hearts, and we have loved watching the program develop in Southern Uganda over the last few years. We’ve seen many local women empowered by the skills they have learnt who are now sharing their knowledge with the wider community.

We are so excited to now announce that we have launched a version in South Africa, in partnership with Ethekwini Primary School in Durban. In preparation for the course, 8 local women who had expressed interest in the program were invited to take part in a two day workshop, held in a temporary kitchen set up at the school. Each of the ladies received a ‘goodie bag’ that contained course material, a measuring jug, and some basic cooking utensils. Two participants who showed a particular interest in and aptitude for cooking were chosen as trainers for the roll out of a pilot program.

The pilot program, ‘The Nutrition Mission KwaMashu’ was launched in mid March, and is an 8 day program covering:

  • Basic Nutrition
  • Common Helath Problems
  • Hygiene
  • Kitchen Equipment and Safety
  • Practical Cooking Lessons (which include healthy recipes and cooking methods)

We’ve already run the workshop several times, with twelve participants taking part in each, and we’ve even had one man join in!

The two women originally selected as trainers have been assisting with the program to date, and are now running the show! We’ve had so much community interest in the program that we will be introducing weekend and evening classes in the future. The best part is, we’re just getting started! Empowering parents, educators and the wider community with the skills they need to provide nutrition meals to learners and their families is just step one.

Soon there will be a functioning kitchen established at the Primary School and we hope to have all staff participating in the program. We will assess what the students are currently eating on a daily basis and ensure they are being provided with healthy and nutritious meals that align with the Department of Basic Education’s national feeding scheme. We also hope to get a community garden up and running soon, watch this space!


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