School for Life – A perfect partnership

In 2015, we partnered with the School for Life Foundation to assist in the funding of the construction of a Primary and Secondary school in Mbazzi, Uganda. Today, we celebrate the opening of the Mbazzi Riverside Campus; the successful creation of another 1200 educational places. Not only does the campus include the Primary and Secondary schools, it comprises of: a primary school (400 educational places), a secondary school (800 educational places), three rows of teachers accommodation (20 accommodation places, with another 14 starting construction in October), three massive water tanks, two health clinics, an agricultural demonstration plot, a playground, a soccer field, and an amphitheatre.

“Cotton On Foundation and School for Life are both driven by global education, the provision of clean water, health care, employment and development in Uganda and together, we can achieve huge change!” – Tim Diamond, Cotton On Foundation

Like us, School for Life Foundation believes in the power of changing the world through quality education. They understand, just as we do, that providing quality and sustainable educational resources goes much further than building a classroom and handing out some books. There can be so many factors preventing a child from getting to school – such as need for family support, proximity from schools or lack of government funding for teachers’ wages – and it has been amazing working towards overcoming these issues with both the School for Life Foundation and the Mbazzi community.

We’ve loved partnering with another organisation that realises that students need to feel happy, safe, supportive and conductive in their school.

“I am inspired every day by the resilience and determination I see in our communities. The children come to school with smiles on their faces because they want the opportunity to go to school. They want brighter futures.” – Annabelle Chauncy OAM, School for Life

From the get-go, there was a clear understanding that our projects needed to be sustainable, comprehensive and exciting! This project is in close proximity to the town of Bujuuko, with a population of 20,000 people, meaning that the children and families are both provided with education opportunities. The breadth of this project, as well as its proximity to the other School for Life Primary and Vocational School, gives it the ability to impact the community in more ways than one.

While each student has a place in a classroom, this project gives them the opportunity to better understand farming and other elements of agriculture. Skills, such as these, are useful for the larger community and give students the opportunity to become contributing members of their communities. The creation of 1,200 education places, within this campus, allows it to be a stepping stone for students to becoming whatever they want to be. So far, we are thrilled with the incredible impact this project is making and we can’t wait to see the future change it will make!



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