With a population of over 40.1 million, a staggering 8.4 million Ugandans lack access to safe and clean water.

(1) The UN Sustainable Development Goals launched in 2015 place a heavy focus on ensuring that everyone has access to safe water by 2030, a key element in the fight to eradicate poverty. This World Water Day we are so excited to share one of our latest projects designed to bring clean drinking water to the schools and communities that we partner with in Southern Uganda!

With the help of our plumber Archie and some passionate locals, we’ve recently installed 3 260,000L Rhino water tanks at the primary schools in Kyalulungira, Nsesse and Nabbunga. Clean drinking water in schools is crucial to our success in delivering quality education. We want kids to be enjoying school and learning, rather than suffering from dehydration and lack of brain power. Many students also miss school because they are home sick with preventable diseases that live in contaminated water; in fact 75% of diseases in Uganda are caused by unclean drinking water and a lack of sanitation. (2)

The benefits however will extend far beyond the school walls, with the whole community having access to these new water solutions. Uganda have recently experienced drought like conditions, but with the rain finally arriving in the last two weeks, the tanks are already 90% full! The size of the guttering and the number of downpipes enables us to successfully capture the heavy downpours that Uganda experiences in its wet seasons.

It looks like the water from the tank in Nabbunga got the tick of approval from the Foundation team!

Archie’s role in the early stages of the project was to install the Rhino tanks and test the water harvesting design. The focus has now moved to engaging and up-skilling locals to complete the works in the future. You may remember a story we posted last year about Philly one of our past Kirabo Education Program sponsor students? He completed a Diploma in Water Engineering and has been working alongside Archie in the construction of the tanks, and will continue to monitor them moving forward.

A fourth tank is currently underway in Kamunuku and our next four primary schools that are mid construction all have water harvesting solutions included in their plans. We are also putting together a rollout plan for the kindergarten and Health Care Centre in Mannya village to enable them to also access clean drinking water, watch this space!

(1) http://water.org/country/uganda/
(2) http://amigos.org.uk/kiru/water-the-facts


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