With a population of over 41 million, a staggering 8.4 million Ugandans lack access to safe and clean water.

Imagine having to walk for over an hour in dangerous conditions just to access safe drinking water, and imagine knowing that the water you and the people you love drink is contaminated and Child drinking watercould make you all sick! For many individuals, such as the students in Nsesse village, this has been a reality.

Clean drinking water in schools is crucial to our success in delivering quality education. Because how can students be expected to enjoy school and concentrate on learning, when they are suffering from dehydration and lack of brain power? Many students also miss school because they are home sick with preventable diseases that live in contaminated water; in fact 75% of diseases in Uganda are caused by unclean drinking water and a lack of sanitation.

The solution: Rhino Tanks (yep, they’re as big as they sound)!

Since 2007, each costing approximately $50,000, Cotton On Foundation has provided communities in Southern Uganda with eight Rhino water tanks across numerous schools and villages with four on the way! Each tank can hold a massive 260,000 litres of water, and can provide 5 litres of clean drinking water for each child per day!

The more Rhino tanks we can build, the healthier students across our projects will be! Progress can be as simple as a pin!

But how you ask?

This Christmas, priced at $50, our Gift that Counts –Water Pin is the perfect gift! Not only are you giving a beautifully designed enamel pin to your big hearted friend or family member, but you are giving a student in Cotton On Foundation supported communities the gift of a bicycle.

To take part in this incredible initiative, check out the water pin online here.

For all of the important info on our Gifts that Count enamel pins, check them out here.


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