Chapati is a form of flat bread that is popular among many Ugandans. We’ve got the perfect recipe for you to make at home, directly from our team in Southern Uganda!


400 gm all purpose flour (approx. 3 cups heaped)

240 ml cold water

10 ml oil

1 large pinch of salt 


First put most of your flour in a bowl and make a well at the centre. Place the water and oil in the well and begin to mix in circular motions. Doing this makes it easier to mix. As the dough starts to be firm, keep working on it and add a little flour as you progress.





Use your fist to knead the dough by pressing it while turning. Keep kneading till the dough is firm and smooth on the surface. Dust with flour as you progress but make sure it is fully mixed into the dough.






How long this should take is determined by the amount of flour you use but basically you should aim to get this. It is firm and has a smooth layer.






Cover with a damp cloth or plastic wrap for about 10-15 minutes to rest. If you do not leave it to rest, the end result will be tough. After about 15 minutes the dough is soft when you press it and is now ready for use.





Turn the dough and roll from this position and keep alternating until fully rolled out to form a round shape. Make sure to dust regularly to avoid sticking on the surface. Apply an even thin layer of oil and a pinch of flour. Roll again till about 1/2 cm thickness. Continue to dust lightly while rolling to avoid sticking.




Cook side 1 and then Cook side 2 slightly. Apply oil where necessary. Cook until your bread has a nice colour.





Now your Chapatti should be ready to go!





Optional extra:

Fry two eggs. Place the fried eggs on top of the Chapatti and then roll it to make what we call “Rolex” (ingredients to add in the eggs will include, Green pepper, Tomatoes, onions, all chopped in cubes, grated carrots, chopped cabbages, pinch of salt)


“You can now make your Chapatti and Rolex and have a simple great meal.”



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