You can be whatever you dream when you reach for the stars!

We know just how passionate the students in Southern Uganda are about their education and the opportunities it can provide. Each year we see, with great happiness secondary school graduates reach for the stars and pursue their dreams of further education.

In 2016, 53 students completed Senior 6 at Mannya secondary school, their final year of secondary education, and we were thrilled to learn that every single one successfully graduated! Completing Senior 6 means that students are eligible to attend university. The tertiary academic year does not begin until August in Uganda, so there are a number of young adults eagerly awaiting the arrival of their acceptance letters, as are we!

We asked some of our recent graduates what they have been up to since completing school and how they thought their education would impact their future. Vianney is currently at home helping his parents with their work and says, “I have sat S6 and I look forward to joining university. I have high hopes of becoming a Geologist and I’m sure I will achieve it now.” Denis is also at home helping his parents until he joins university later in the year, he hopes to become a teacher and thanks to his education can now see himself at university. We asked Denis what advice he would give other students following his path and he advised

“Be hard working, friendly, sharing with friends and disciplined both at school and at home.”

In Uganda 56% of 15-24 year olds have not completed primary education. (1) We hope, with your help, to change this statistic in the areas we work in by empowering youth through quality education!

Vianney and Denis in Mannya village while chatting to the Cotton On Foundation team about their future plans!


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