August is a massive month for the Cotton On Foundation. Because this month marks the biggest school opening since the Cotton On Foundation began 11 years ago, and the biggest single step we’ve made towards achieving 20,000 quality educational places by 2020.

Can you imagine 2,000 kids all at once? Yep, that’s A LOT of lives changed. Well together, Kalyamenvu, Kensekka, Kasomolo and Kyampalakata will make up 2,000 educational places, and it’s all because of you!

Four new schools = 2000 Educational Places


The new school build includes 10 classrooms, offices, teacher accommodations, toilets, an outdoor amphitheatre, developing 500 educational places. Find out more


Beginning in 2016,  Kensekka includes an outdoor amphitheatre, biogas toilets and kitchen, and 500 new educational places. Find out more.


One of the most remote communities we have worked with, Kalyamenvu has also contributed 500 sustainable educational places towards our mission. Find out more.


A school that will allow 500 more children for years to come to access quality education without having to walk to a far away school. Find out more.


Without all of our amazing Cotton On Group team members, customers and ambassadors, none of this would be possible! Every single item sold and action taken, has lead to this!

“These new schools bring spirit & hope to communities that face so much adversity. I want to say a big thank you to the Cotton On Group team. Together, we will make a big difference and we’re extremely grateful for your help.” – Fr. Nestus of Mannya Parish

Check out the amazing new images taken across these four brand new schools..


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