For the past two years, we’re pretty proud of the participants of the Nutrition Mission program in Busibo and South Africa. The extremely successful program has continued to empower local women (and now men as the program is open to everybody in the community) by providing training, follow up and mentorship surrounding the importance of quality food and nutrition, who in turn utilise knowledge learnt to improve nutritional practices in their homes and pass it on to people within their community.

The link between eating well in order to have sufficient energy and prevent illness and therefore being able to attend school and access quality education is something we strongly believe in.  Without this knowledge, attending school and accessing quality education is that little bit harder!

We’re very excited to announce the expansion of the Nutrition Mission program to Namabaale, a community in the Lwengo district of Southern Uganda!

In Namabaale so far, 50 caregivers and community members have successfully enrolled and completed the program. Similarly to previously run programs, the aim is to train the participants in good nutrition practices, food diversity and how to cook nutritionally balanced meals. We also aim to train the caregivers in kitchen gardening and skills in growing a variety of nutritious and sufficient foods in their gardens, and improved health practices.

The community response and results so far have been amazing, with a general sense that individuals are eager to learn. Each participant has successfully been able to make their own food pyramid, nursery bed and have prepared a garden for transplanting. Participants also learnt how to make a tippy tap for washing hands, how to make a drying rack for utensils at home, and how to make an energy saving stove.

We spoke to Lillian, kindergarten teacher in Namabaale, who started as a participant in the program, and has since become an educator, “we thank the program for everything. Because of the training, the people are very happy, and their houses have changed a lot”.

In total, we have now had over 550 individuals participate in and complete the nutrition mission across all three locations! Stay tuned for further updates on this amazing movement.



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