Here at the Cotton On Foundation, we know there’s nothing like a hug from mum.

This Mother’s Day we’re shining a light on maternal and child healthcare in Southern Uganda. Because as our first educators, our carers and our role models, we know that a healthy start and a bright future starts with mum.

Across three healthcare centres in Southern Uganda (Mannya, Busibo and the most recently registered, Namabaale) nurses and doctors provide support, treatment, education and health checks for local mums throughout pregnancies and beyond.

Our healthcare centres work to ensure a high level of child and maternal health and to give mothers a safe space to give birth under the supervision of trained midwives. In 2017 alone, 353 mothers gave birth across the three centres, and over 1,700 women were provided with antenatal care with regularly appointments, which had increased 54% on the prior year.

Almost 2,000 young children were immunised last year to offer protection from preventable diseases such as Polio, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus and Measles, giving them the greatest chance of health and success before they begin school.

So how can we contribute?

  • Just $3 can provide one health check for a pregnant mum.
  • $1 can provide immunisations for a child.
  • $5 can supply birthing medical supplies. 

This Mother’s Day, wrap your mum’s prezzie in an exclusive drawstring gift bag. 100% of proceeds go towards the Cotton On Foundation and projects, including maternal and child health care – because we know that a healthy start and a bright future starts with mum.


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