Betty has been our Sponsorship Coordinator in Mannya, Southern Uganda for many years; she is a kind and nurturing team member who takes great pride in her work. She helps students ensure they have the support they need to receive a quality education and achieve their dreams!

Betty has been a Cotton On Foundation team member since April 2010, when we began sponsoring students in Mannya village. With her extensive knowledge of the sponsorship program and passion for the work of the Cotton On Foundation, she works within the local communities that we partner with, identifying the most in need children and ensuring they have the support they need.

She regularly conducts home visits to monitor the wellbeing of all students and says her favourite part of her day is, “spending time with children especially the time of completing sponsorship cards and taking photos.”

Betty fondly remembers the day she began her role and started working with the Foundation and children in Mannya. She recalls several years ago meeting a family whose parents had abandoned them. A 16 year old boy was taking care of his two younger siblings, who were both out of school. After identifying the family in desperate need of support, the two younger children were supported through the Kirabo Education Program Child Sponsorship Program. The two boys are now in school completing P5 and P7 very happily, they love school!

Betty warmly welcomes every visitor to Uganda, is a true asset to the Foundation and a wonderful friend to those within the team. The children in the villages she works within love her and are extremely grateful for her support!


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