Pregnancy should be one of the happiest times of a woman’s life.

However, a lack of maternal and natal healthcare can make the whole experience a little scary.

The good news is: we’re making strides to ensure every expectant mother in Cotton On Foundation supported communities feels supported throughout her entire pregnancy. Last year, we helped to deliver 446 babies in Southern Uganda in our 3 established healthcare centres.

These centres offer woman a safe place to receive healthcare throughout their pregnancy, as well as a safe and sanitary place to give birth. (Each centre now has its very own ultrasound machine!)

Regular check-ups allow expectant parents to understand how their pregnancy is progressing and how to spot the warning signs early if something is affecting their health. Access to pre-natal vitamins allows mothers and babies to get the nutrients they need throughout the pregnancy. Continuous medical support means that if something does divert from the regular path, they don’t have to handle things alone.

You might be wondering, how does this link to the Cotton On Foundation’s focus of Quality Education?

It’s pretty simple actually. A child needs to be healthy in order to go to school every day. This starts when their mother is still pregnant by ensuring that the baby is getting all the care and nutrients it needs. When a child has a great start in life, their ability to grow to become a contributing citizen is drastically increased.

That’s where you guys come in!

Help us give mothers and babies a great start by grabbing these pins from our awesome Gifts that Count range. This set of two pins is $20 and helps to provide vital maternal and child healthcare to Mummas and bubbas in Southern Uganda. Trust us, there’s nothing quite like giving the gift of change this Christmas!

Give the gift of maternal and child healthcare this Christmas! 


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