Here at Cotton On Foundation, love makes the world go around! The love we receive from our customers and team members is what makes the work in our global projects possible.

Love can come in many different shapes & forms. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve taken the opportunity to share the story of two Mannya cousins, Sharon and Susie! These secondary school students are lucky enough to share the love of not only being family, but best friends as well!

With big dreams and places to go, we were inspired big time by the way these two support each other to be the best students and citizens they can be.

As a teenager with a deep social awareness, Susie has a dream of one day becoming a Parliamentarian in Uganda.


“I want to be able to raise Uganda up with good laws, and to help combat injustice among the people.”

With a bond like no other between these two, cousin Sharon shares the same passion for change and equality. As an aspiring Lawyer, Sharon hopes to one day be able to use her position to “promote equality amongst the rich and poor.” Her goal is to “fight corruption in Uganda.”

We bet it comes as no surprise that these two actively participate as part of the Debating team at Mannya Secondary School. With their favourite subjects being history and literature, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two, and how they can continue to share the love with each other and their country!

To support students such as Sharon and Susie this Valentine’s Day, shop the Cotton On Foundation range online.

Or find out more about our first ever global project where Sharon and Susie attend school, Mannya.




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