Here at Cotton On Foundation, we understand that when your schooling is effected, everything can be effected. The way we look at it, when kids are happy, healthy and supported… they can progress through school.

If a child is able to successfully complete their schooling, they are more likely to reach further education or work. Once these kids grow up, they are WAY more likely to become contributing citizens. These amazing citizens value education and teach future citizens to value and pursue their own quality education. So, as you can see… quality education is the opportunity to change a life.

Knowing what we know—about the power of quality education—we set out to identify how we could be helping kids concentrate on their schooling. One major way was with the provision of meals. In our Outreach Schools in Southern Uganda, we found that often kids didn’t have access to a proper lunch or breakfast.

Missing meals, especially as a kid, can have disastrous effects on your schooling. In a 2013 UNICEF report they found that ‘under-nutrition early in life clearly has major consequences for future educational, income and productivity outcomes’.

It’s pretty clear that missing meals can, and is having, some dire effects on the lives of children. This is a reality we’re trying to change, which is why we help to provide lunch at our Outreach schools. In fact, each day we provide over 10,000 meals across our Outreach schools in Southern Uganda.

Now, you can get personally involved.

This holiday season, you can grab our set of 2 meal pins for $20. Not only are these avo and banana pins super stylish, they make a pretty powerful impact. Just one of these sets can provide meals for a full school term for a child in Southern Uganda. Not only does that mean they’re content in their classes, it also means they have (yet another) motivation to come to school each day.

Put your money where their mouths are and give someone the gift of change this Christmas, you won’t regret it.

Give the gift of school meals online now! 


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