In 2012, Kyampalakata Primary school lacked proper infrastructure, learning materials and support that the community desperately needed. At the time, the classrooms were sheltered temporarily thatched with grass. This lack of proper infrastructure meant class would often be cancelled because of the damage of heavy winds or rain. Adding to this, the temporary classrooms didn’t have desks or even basic scholastic materials.

The rocky land of the Lwengo District had prevented the area from thriving agriculturally. The lack of a proper economy for the area meant that parents struggled to get the money together for school fees and school materials. All these factors combined meant that children were missing school or dropping out all together.

Something had to change.

The Cotton On Foundation established a partnership with the community. We were able to work side-by-side with the community to figure out what they needed to get on the road to success. After explaining our Quality Education Model to the Parents and Teachers Association, they all agreed that education was the key to improving the community for generations to come.

In the six years since we got involved with Kyampalakata, we’ve been able to assist the school and community in countless ways. However, one of the simplest but most effective ways we were able to help the students of Kyampalakata was with provision of learning materials for each child. Being able to have the right supplies at school is incredibly important. While there is endless importance in building proper classrooms, we know that having a book and a pen will always be one of the most important things we can provide a child with.

At Kyampalakata we’ve been able to provide all kinds of supplies, including the LARA textbooks that are used for Early Grade Reading for Primary One to Primary Four. On top of that, we also supplied the older students with supplementary readers to help them progress in their journey through school. The school’s Deputy Head Teacher even told us that many children get to school early just to read their readers before class begins.

‘…these days, we chase the children to go home unlike in the past when the children [tried to leave early]’ – The Dean of Studies, Kyampalakata

The provision of learning materials to Kyampalakata has made an incredible impact to the community and the students of the school. They have been given the opportunity to learn, to improve and to teach others the value of education.

We’re so lucky to get to make such an incredible impact… and you can too!

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