As students in Southern Uganda prepare to return to school for the 2018 school year, we’re shining a light on one Cotton On Foundation supported student who has recently graduated from secondary school in Mannya.

The ever determined, Kennedy truly inspired us here at Cotton On Foundation and was someone who we were so grateful to have the opportunity to talk to.  

It’s 2018, and Kennedy is Off to a Flying Start.

In his final year at school, Kennedy encapsulates characteristics of the ideal student.

Moving to Mannya in Senior Three, he speaks highly of the education and environment he is in. “I came here because the school in Mannya was really good. I like that we have everything, we have activities and games.”

“My favourite thing about Mannya is the great education. The second thing I love about this place is the way we are treated- because it is so good.”

“Many schools in Uganda lack facilities, but not in Mannya”.

Looking into the New Year, Kennedy’s first year out of school, he hopes to study to become a doctor!

Discussing his reasons for this dream, Kennedy told us, “first of all, the reason I want to be a doctor is because when I see my family and my community, we have very few doctors, and sometimes we need help. There are many doctors, but they work too far. We need more doctors here.”

“I want to come back and help in the community here. I am planning to go to university in Kampala. I will come back.”

Stay tuned for more inspiring student stories as we continue to kick off 2018 with a Flying Start.

Find out more about how you can play your part in helping students such as Kennedy achieve their dreams here


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