As students in Southern Uganda prepare to return to school for the 2018 school year, we spoke to a selection of inspirational students who have big dreams and places to go!

Someone that we were truly inspired by was Namabaale student, Joseph. It’s 2018, and Joseph is Off to a Flying Start. At 16 years old, Joseph is in Senior Three class at St Francis Secondary School and is a dedicated learner.

Telling us that gaining access to Quality Education is “very important”, Joseph hopes that one day he will be able to earn money and use this money to help his mum.

“I want to succeed, that is why I go to school.”

Saying that his favourite and best subjects are mathematics, chemistry and physics, Joseph exclaimed that “one day I want to be an Engineer.”

His dream of becoming an engineer not only came from his love of school, but Joseph’s experiences at home, explaining that in the past he has been able to help his mother fix the solar power. “My mum was unable to afford to pay people to come over and fix the solar system at home, so I picked this up and realised that this was an interest for me.”

When talking about the future, and his dream to be successful, Joseph explained his desire of becoming an inventor! “I want to discover something that will be able to help my fellow Ugandans.”

“People who discover something get paid well, and are able to travel to other countries. That is why I want to do Engineering. I want to discover something beyond the people.”

Stay tuned for more inspiring student stories as we continue to kick off 2018 with a Flying Start.

Find out more about how you can play your part in helping students such as Joseph achieve their dreams here.


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