International Women’s Day may be approaching, but here at Cotton On Foundation, we’re for girls all year round.  Now, more than ever there is a call-to-action to #pressforprogress. So we’re shining a light on certain women and girls who inspire us every day…

We were lucky enough to chat to 16 year old Violet, the Head Girl at Secondary School in Namabaale, a Cotton On Foundation supported Central School not far from Mannya in Southern Uganda.

An incredibly well spoken young person, Violet embodies the ideal student in every way.

Looking into the future, Violet says,

“I am aiming to become a medical doctor. I want to work in the hospital here, the one you built for us!”

She explained that she feels it is important to work come back and work in Namabaale after her studies as she watched the construction of the entire building, which has established a strong connection.

Talking about her appreciation for her school and community, Violet says, “First of all I like my school, I like my head teacher, and all the teachers in my school. And our director is so loving, he pays such close attention to us, he listens. Even, let me tell you – we have you, you are always here for us, it always gives me hope whenever I see or hear [of the Cotton On Foundation].”

In her role as Head Girl of the secondary school in Namabaale, Violet explains that her, “Responsibilities are all about mobilising the students to platform a certain activity, saying that students are in a better situation. Like I can find someone who is crying, he or she has lost their book and as the head girl I have to make sure I talk to that person, maybe saying that I can offer that person help.”

As a young girl with a big future ahead of her, Violet spoke to us about the importance of education for girls in Uganda. “Let me start by telling you, there was a time recently where we had a debate. It was between boys and girls; we were just talking about education. So the boys were saying it was a waste of money, the girls were opposing; they said educating a girl was educating the nation. I believe that if a girl is educated and goes to university the whole nation will be educated.”

“Girls are the mothers of the nation. So when you educate a girl it means you are helping the whole nation.”



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