Life, education, safety and health all start with Mum. All Mothers and children deserve access to quality health care and it is this simple philosophy that we invest in maternal and child healthcare services in areas that need it most. One of these areas is Mannya, and what started as a generalised healthcare centre in 2007 is now a fully operational Maternity Ward, something completely new to the region. The Mannya Maternity Ward offers support from pregnancy and prenatal care, to birthing and antenatal care. All services that give Mums and bubs the best possible start in life.

On a recent trip over, we caught up with a Cate, a Mother who accessed the healthcare services during her pregnancy and continues to access them at the centre for herself and her son when needed.

Midwife, Dorah has worked at the Mannya Healthcare Centre for ten months now and says “It helps the community access health services in times of need [and] it offers full care to Mothers during pregnancy, labour and after delivery. It also helps care for the babies [through] immunisation, reducing maternal and infant mortality and illness.”

Having a health care centre in an area that is geographically isolated from a hospital or clinic is essential in giving that community the best chance to succeed. Mother’s can’t give their kids the best start to life without access to adequate healthcare and kids can’t get to school if they aren’t well.

In 2012 the Maternity Ward opened at the Mannya Health Centre.

Since then…

  • Over 1,300 babies have been delivered
  • There have been 5,500 antenatal check-ups for women from the local community
  • 9,800 children have been immunised (since 2009)

You will also find a healthcare centre in the Busibo area; this centre opened in 2012 and provided the community with much needed health care. Prior to its establishment, people within the community would take long journeys to access health care and most women would give birth wherever possible, which poses many health risks to both Mum and bub.

Back in February of this year, the construction of Namabaale Health Care Centre was complete and together, with the support of our customers we’ll be fitting out the centre with all the necessary medical equipment and supplies. This will mean Mother’s and children within the region will have access to quality maternal and child health care, something every Mother deserves.


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