How did you get to school?

A lot of us caught the bus, parents drove many of us, some of us rode our bikes and a couple of us walked the few blocks between our house and school. If we did walk, we were lucky enough to be walking along paved, well-lit paths.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many kids in Southern Uganda.

Walking and cycling are the key modes of transport, and many people don’t own bikes as they are just too costly. So, for children, walking—in whatever conditions necessary—is the only choice.

When Henry was 17, he was travelling 18km, each way, to get to school every day. After losing his father, his older brother had to leave school to care for his struggling mother and 5 siblings. Henry was lucky enough to be offered a scholarship but the long journey to school left him exhausted every day. When students are exhausted, it’s so much harder to learn.

But, with your help, Henry’s life was changed!

Last year we launched our Gifts That Count program, an awesome initiative that allows you to give the best gift of all…change! Last year, the purchase of the Bicycle Pin meant the gift of a bike to Henry. It meant his journey to and from school each day was significantly faster and easier. It meant his energy could be saved for the important stuff: learning.

Many of the awesome young students we get to work with are expected to walk 5km+ to get to school each day. Walking such a long distance across a difficult terrain is hard to begin with; add in the hot sun or rainy weather, dehydration and unsafe conditions and the trip is almost impossible.

When kids fall far enough behind in school, it can make it really difficult to progress through school. When a child isn’t able to progress through school, it can be really hard to break the cycle of poverty and become a contributing member of society.

That’s why giving Gifts that Count is so important.

It  is so much more than ‘just a bike’. It is a way of getting to school, to class, without the exhaustion from a 5km+ walk—especially in the hot Ugandan sun!

Last year, we were able to sell 82 bicycle pins. That’s 82 bikes, 82 lives changes and endless potential for more change this year! Join us in making a change this Christmas by grabbing a pin from our Gifts that Count range—there’s not gift as rewarding as making a difference.

Grab your bicycle pin online now! 



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