We believe that every child deserves the right to a quality education, no matter where they live or where they’ve come from.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve started work on our next education project in South Africa. With the help of our incredible retail teams, customers and other friends in South Africa, we’re funding a new build for Ethekwini (pronounced Et-i-queen-ee) Primary School in the township of KwaMashu, which is 32km north of Durban.

Why Ethekwini?

It’s an extremely poor township, and the current school is only able to cater for students from Prep to Year 4, due to a lack of space. The 1,200 children in the community squeeze into classrooms with up to 150 students per classroom, which doesn’t always allow for desks, and is far from a quality learning space.

If a student wants to complete their education, they’re forced to attend other schools from Year 4 onwards which can be difficult and often impossible due to additional travel and accommodation costs.

There’s also an existing friendship with Ethekwini Primary School! You might remember that we donated a container library to them in 2015 as part of the Mandela Library Program and our partnership with Nelson Mandela Foundation.

How will we support this school?

We will redesign and build additional classrooms, ensuring children can complete Grade 7 at Ethekwini Primary School. That’s 1,400 educational places!

A little look at what we’ll be working in this community:

  • New and improved classrooms to help support current and new students with a quality education.
  • Nutrition infrastructure and programs, including one meal per day for students at school.
  • Girls empowerment programs to improve teenage girls’ resilience, strength and school attendance.
  • Teenager programs to help keep them active and involved in school.
  • Teacher training support, to ensure we approach quality education from all angles!

Children being served lunch

So where are we at?

We’re currently working on the school infrastructure designs, with construction planned to begin early next year.

South Africa, the best part is that YOU can play a part in helping us to build this school! Whenever you’re in a Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Rubi, Cotton On Kids or Typo store you can purchase a Cotton On Foundation bottle of water, tote or other item to help support the cause.

100% of the proceeds from every Cotton On Foundation product sold goes towards the Cotton On Foundation and our projects.



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