As students in Southern Uganda prepare to return to school for the 2018 school year, we spoke to a selection of inspirational members of Cotton On Foundation supported communities who have big dreams and aspirations for themselves and their communities.

Meet Dues. It’s 2018, and Head Teacher in Kyampalakata, Dues is Off to a Flying Start.

Dues explained that as the head teacher he is “responsible for the well-being of teachers, students and the greater school community”.

“The most important thing for me as a teacher is to help students become responsible citizens that are able to help themselves and each other”.

He spoke of the challenges as a teacher in his position, with the biggest one for him being when he sees students not being able to return to school, possibly due to family not being able to pay for school fees.

Looking into 2018, with Kyampalakata being one of the 4K school builds to open later in the year, Dues spoke of the excitement around the new classrooms being built, and the significance of these structures for his community.

“The structures will give the community hope, improve the standard of living, and excitement within the community that will rise with the new classrooms”.

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