Today marks World Teachers’ Day. Recognised by the UN, this day celebrates the role that teachers play in providing quality education at all levels.

With the mission to develop 20,000 educational places by 2020, World Teachers’ Day is particularly special for us, and a great time to share a slightly different take on things.

The Cotton On Foundation currently supports, develops and partners with 261 teachers across 16 schools in Southern Uganda. Without these educators, we would not be able to carry on our work of empowering youth through quality education.

We recently spoke to George, who has been teaching with us at Mannya village for just over four years, and has one of the most inspirational stories yet!

George and his sister Stella, who are now both secondary school teachers, didn’t have the easiest start in life. After losing both parents at just eight months old, George went on to being sponsored in Southern Uganda. Like many children who are orphaned in Uganda, they believe they may have other relatives, but sadly don’t know where they are, which makes accessing quality education and following your dreams that much more difficult.

Before he began teaching at age 20, George was a student at the school in Mannya for six years. Through the Cotton On Foundation’s internal sponsorship program, he was able to complete a university degree in conjunction with his work teaching IT and computer studies to senior students.

For George, who arrived in the community in 2008, teaching is his way of giving back to the community he feels so connected to.

“When [the students] listen to my story, the background, my education, they usually get motivated. I think I give them hope”.

George says that, “through my schooling, the greatest lesson I have learnt is that being humble, disciplined and academically focused can help you reach places and goals you thought were just dreams.”

You can help support other children like George pursue their dreams and inspire the next generation through teaching by simply purchasing Cotton On Foundation product in any of our stores, or online here;




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