Malaria is responsible for the death of a child somewhere in the world every minute. Did you know it only costs $10 to treat or help prevent malaria?

Malaria infects approximately 219 million people each year, with an estimated 660,000 deaths, most of which are children in Africa. Ninety per cent of malaria deaths occur in Africa, where it accounts for about one in six of all childhood deaths. Most malaria infected mosquitoes bite at night, so one of the best prevention methods is to simply avoid getting bitten. Unfortunately, they’re the hard facts.

Imagine going to bed each night in fear of being bitten by a mosquito and contracting Malaria. Now, imagine if someone bought you a life-changing mosquito net, so you could be protected and sleep easy.

With just $10, you can be that someone.

But how?

In a cute design and packaging, our Gift that Counts Buzzing Good enamel clothing pin will contribute to providing a child with a mosquito net to help protect them from contracting Malaria. It’s as simple as that.

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