For the majority of women, getting your period is a natural part of life. While it can sometimes be a little inconvenient, for most women it doesn’t affect their education or livelihood. It’s seen as a part of life, instead of a roadblock.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone.

In Southern Uganda, a lack of access to sanitary items can mean more than a minor inconvenience. Not having access to sanitary items can mean that girls simply miss school when they do have their period. And while that might sound a few missed days here or there, it’s actually a few days EVER SINGLE MONTH.

When girls are continuously missing school because of their period, it’s pretty easy to fall behind. Falling behind can mean that they struggle to graduate or, in some cases, just drop out of school. That just isn’t good enough. We realised that we needed to be helping girls by supporting them throughout their schooling; that means providing girls with whatever they need to be coming to class every single day.

That’s why we’re putting processes in place to help girls get what they need so that they can attend class all year long. These processes are part of our larger mission to provide children with life-changing quality education.

This education goes much further that building a classroom and providing the books. With every community we work with, we take a step back and look at the factors preventing kids from making the most of their education.

This year, we’ve added a new ‘Girl Power’ pin to our Gifts that Count range. This $5 pin helps us to provide girls in Southern Uganda with sanitary items. We don’t believe that being a girl should be a disadvantage when it comes to receiving a quality education. With your help, we can show girls that they have the support of ‘girl power’ all year round.

Give the gift of sanitary items online now! 


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