Today is the day.

Across 17 Cotton On Foundation supported schools in 11 villages, almost 11,000 of our enthusiastic learners are heading back to school for their biggest year yet.

Imagine the excitement of a four year old heading into Kindergarten for the first time, the nerves and anticipation of those starting school for the first time, or joining a new class at any level, and the eagerness and readiness of our Primary 7 learners who recently graduated primary school and are over the moon to be joining their friends at secondary school!

“We’re thrilled at the thought of what this year will mean for everyone, and what the learners will achieve, at the direction in which the teachers will grow and develop themselves, and of the lives they will shape with quality education.”

– Sarah Langborne, Cotton On Foundation Education Developer.

We’re starting the 2018 school year with a BANG, and as a way to support, recognise and encourage all learners to return to school at the very beginning, we’re holding a bike raffle at every school! This will involve every student who attends in the first few days of the school year receive a raffle ticket, to go into the draw to win a bike! In some communities, owning a bike is a privilege, and makes attending school that much easier. For some with long and dangerous distances to travel, it is the difference between being able to go to school or not.

Because not everyone will receive a bike, every student will also receive a calendar. Our education team have organised for special 2018 calendars to be dispersed and an event planned for everyone to participate in, celebrating all the potential that 2018 and a new year at school holds.

Our new photographer and content collector on the ground, Nick will be on hand to take the first ever whole school photo of each of the 17 Cotton On Foundation supported schools. We can’t wait to see these!

The purpose of all of this is to build excitement and encourage students to return to school punctually. These school initiatives work in support of the Quality Education Model, which promotes creating happy, supportive, safe and encouraging school communities and environments for every single student!


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