As students in Southern Uganda prepare to return to school for the 2018 school year, we spoke to a selection of inspirational students who have big dreams and places to go…

It’s 2018, and 14 year old Atuhire is Off to a Flying Start.

After last year completing her first year of secondary school in Busibo, Atuhire has big dreams.

With both Commerce and English as her favourite subjects, Atuhire wants “to become a business woman.”

“I want to be a business woman because they earn money. I want to be the manager of a supermarket.”

“It is important for young girls to go university so that they can earn more money and get better jobs.”

Stay tuned for more inspiring student stories as we continue to kick off 2018 with a Flying Start.

Find out more about how you can play your part in helping students such as Atuhire achieve their dreams here.


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