What does clean water mean to you?

We use clean, drinkable water for almost everything. We get it from the tap, the shower, and we even have it in our toilet! We have access to an abundance of clean water, and majority of us have always had this access.

Unfortunately, not everyone is this lucky. 3 in 10 people across the globe live without access to clean drinking water.

So, what does it mean to live without clean drinking water?

Well, for one, it means people—and their loved ones—are drinking dirty or unsanitary water. It means they’re washing their produce and dishes and bodies, in this same, unclean water. If they get a scratch or a cut, they risk infection just by washing their wound. In fact, every time they have a drink they are forced to risk their own health, as the water can be contaminated with pollution or disease.

In communities where clean drinking water is scarce, people just don’t have a choice in the matter. People need water to survive and, if unclean water is the only option, people are forced to use it.

But, with your help, we can change this!

We can help provide students with access to clean drinking water so that they can feel healthy enough to go to school. If they’re healthy enough to go to school, they can receive a quality education. If they receive a quality education, they can become contributing citizens to their society and stop the cycle of poverty.

And to think, so much of this comes down to clean drinking water.

This year we had our biggest school opening since our founding in 2007. We opened four new schools—Kalyamenvu, Kensekka, Kasomolo and Kyampalakata—and an important element of each school’s construction was ensuring each had access to clean drinking water. That’s why we installed water tanks in each school, with each water tank able to hold 200 000 litres of water each!

We wanted to make sure kids were hydrated and healthy so that all they have to concentrate on is learning.

If you want to help us make a difference this holiday season, grab out Clean Water pin for $10 to provide a child in Southern Uganda with clean drinking water for a year. There’s no better gift than change!

Give the gift of clean drinking water online now! 


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